Transformer station

On our class field trip we went to the transformer station and had to take 2 pictures of photos we felt connected to.

The first photo I took I felt i could relate to it in the sense of change. Because in a short amount of time your mind set and change from people you’re around to things you see on TV/ the internet. The composition of the photo is pretty much the same but the pose and body language she shows is maturity, growth, and power.

The second photo I have I could relate in the story when they were talking about how we are “trapped” in how we act around those we know. But when you take us away from that to put us in our most valuable environment it can have a change to us. The composition I love so much. It’s very simple yet powerful in the sense of what shes trying portray. And the body language for the subject is powerful to because it shows that shes timid not being around others.


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